Turnkey pub type brewery


A concept based on many years of personal experience

The concept of technology and design of pub/restaurant type brewery equipment is based on our many years of experience. We take into account the consumer interests and the specificities of restaurant businesses operating in different regions.

Each project is individual

The key to the success of the special design is the modern technology used, which offers a wide range of possibility for brewmaster's creative work. An efficient, modern brewery that is suitable for the production of various high quality handmade craft beers.
The pub or restaurant has a unique design and ambience inner room, in keeping with the owner's aesthetic expectations but it is better to look at it...

Reliability and quality

The design and size of a pub, bar or restaurant significantly affects the structure of the brewing equipment. However, the layout features in no way reduce the level of equipment compliance with the highest requirements of manufacturability and quality.
Modern equipment design provides a high level of reliability and durability, and the brewing technology has been thoroughly developed - high quality and consistency in the taste of high-quality beer.

Energy Efficiency

The relatively small size of a pub type equipment does not hinder the use of the most advanced technologies and techniques to save heat and electricity resources.
The technology we use provides maximum reduction in equipment operating costs, optimum energy savings, and cost-effectiveness of finished products.
In the brewing technology concept we have developed a number of modern technical solutions:

- automatic control of the parameters of thermal processes -

-utilization of heat recovery processes -

- use of natural cold of the environment in cooling units "free cooling" –

- we have increased the cold energy reserve several times thanks to cold energy accumulation - so we can easily satisfy the cold energy demand during peak loads –

- combination of technological processes -

- increase the equipment’s active heating and cooling zones -



Пивоварня ресторанного типа
Пивоварня ресторанного типа
Пивоварня ресторанного типа
Пивоварня ресторанного типа
Пивоварня ресторанного типа
Пивоварня ресторанного типа