DryHop - equipment for dry hopping


The technology of dry hopping of the fermented beer serves to maximize the development of aroma, taste and color, without changing the bitterness of beer.
We offer equipment for the well-known dry hopping technology using hop extracts, as well as innovative Agrometal technology (“know-how”) using special capacitive equipment for hopping using infusion technology DryHop-Infusion.

DryHop-Infusion is used to produce unique varieties of craft beer, at the same time, it is possible not only to efficiently aromatize beer with the help of various aromatic hops, but also aromatic herbs and specialties.

Technology features

Depending on the technology of brewing, dry hopping of beer can be carried out at the end of fermentation process or at the beginning of beer ripening. The parameters of hopping, the amount of hops used and the time of hopping depend on the decision of the brewmaster.


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